I Fixed My Cholesterol

by Roger McKewan
(Cairns, Qld)

Cholesterol Lowering Recipe

Cholesterol Lowering Recipe

For many years I have suffered from high cholesterol and have been forced to take medication (Lipitor)to keep it under control.

People had told me that a good diet was important so I tried a few things with very little success.

I did some research on the net about lowering cholesterol and found that plant based food does not contain cholesterol, and if I used things like sunflower seeds and nuts in my diet, I could be on a winner.

A mate of mine had bought a Nutribullet and was raving about how he had lost weight and lowered his blood pressure by following the diet that came in the box. I had a look at some of the recipes and found that all it would take to lower my cholesterol (never below 7.0) would be to have one Nutriblast per day and use things like apples, grapes, some flax seeds and a few almonds and I'd be okay.

I purchased a Nutribullet from your site because the price was alot better than the one advertised on TV and started to have a Nutriblast for breakfast each morning. I still continued to take my dreaded Lipitor but two weeks later when I went to the doctor to check my results I had hit a new low - 6.3 mmol/l! I was stoked!

Now, some 6 months after using the Nutribullet I am a normal man, with a reading of 5.3 mmol/l and no Lipitor.

This program really works Dan, and I am so glad I visited you site and purchased a Nutribullet

Ed's Note: Excellent work Roger. I am so happy to see that you have had positive results. Well done.

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