5 Arthritis Myths Busted!

As we all know, arthritis has been with us for centuries, and for those of us afflicted, one day, is probably one day too long. In our quest to find natural remedies and relieve pain there have been conceived some general myths about arthritis, and these are about to get busted!

Myth #1 Arthritis is an Old Persons Disease

While it is true many people are inflicted with arthritis in the older and wiser years, sadly many of our children are inflicted with this insidious and horrific disease. The main types of arthritis that bust this myth wide open are known as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA), Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), and are often referred to collectively as Juvenile Arthritis (JA). JA usually occurs anywhere from infancy to sixteen years, has similar symptoms as adult arthritis, and is just as painful. ~ Myth Busted!

Myth #2 Arthritis Only Affects Joints Such as Knuckles or Knees

While joint pain can be, and perhaps is, the most common of symptoms, the entire body may be attacked, resulting in inflammation, muscular stiffness, redness, and pain that burns like a wildfire. ~ Myth Busted!

Myth #3 Arthritis Only Affects Women

Nothing personal ladies, but I really wish this one was true. Although in the US the majority of arthritis sufferers are women, approximately 19% of all sufferers are men. This is a very broad estimate, but is consistent across all age groups.   Myth Busted! 

Myth #4 Arthritis is a Temporary Illness

Arthritis, in all it's forms (there are more than 100) can, will, and usually does, become chronic. That is to say, the sufferer will have no respite, but will develop an uncanny 'knack' to block out the chronic pain that accompanies arthritis. Fortunately, if managed correctly, arthritis can be contained, the inflammation reduced, and you should (in time) be able to lead a relatively normal life, just by drinking nopal juice. Please fill out our contact form for more information. ~ Myth Busted!

Myth #5 Medication or Surgery is the Only Treatment

Pharmaceutical companies, joint replacement companies, make billions of dollars a year perpetuating this myth. As do their pleebs ~  doctors, surgeons, drug stores etc. In fact western medicine has advanced so much that rather than treating the cause, they prefer to use replacement parts.

By managing your diet, changing your bodies own ph level from acidic to alkaline, and drinking nopal juice, you can literally put the oil back in those joints, reduce inflammation, and begin to live life again. ~ Myth Busted!

Sound outrageous? I thought so too, until I became the result of the program and was inspired to create this website. For more information how you can 'put the oil back in' those tired old joints, please click this link.


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