Arthritis Made It Hard To Sleep

by Angela S

My Sleep Well Drink

My Sleep Well Drink

My name is Angela, I am 59 yo, and I have had trouble sleeping ever since I have had arthritis.

Each night I would toss and turn, trying to get comfortable but because I was aching all over it was nearly impossible to get a good nights sleep.

After I bought your Nutribullet I tried a few recipes and found the 'Sleepy Seeds' recipe on page 125 and used that as my evening meal.

That night I did manage to get a bit more sleep than usual but I put that down to the reduced pain I had been experiencing since I changed my diet.

I continued to have my normal Nutriblast for breakfast and took my Sleepy Seeds in the evening. After just one week my sleep patterns have improved drastically.

I hope others read this and have similar results.

Ed's Note:A good night sleep is absolutely essential if you are suffering from any type of chronic disease - it gives your body the time it needs to repair and heal itself.

This really is a fantastic recipe you found Angela.

The spinach in this recipe is loaded with peptides that will help reduce blood pressure. The pumpkin seeds provide you with iron, help lower cholesterol, and for the guys contain high amounts of zinc which aids in preventing prostate cancer. Sunflower seeds also provide assistance to lower LDL Cholesterol, contain both Vitamin E & Selenium. Vitamin E reduces arthritis and asthma symptoms while the Selenium goes to work to do the repairs we need while your asleep.

Thank you very much for your submission - Dan

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